New Leader Training

Welcome! Below you’ll find the content for our seven-week new leader training course. These materials are here for your reference, or for folks participating in the training who miss a meeting.

Each session has a combination of meeting audio and meeting notes, and each meeting after the first session has pre-work, consisting of a reading assignment plus questions for reflection. For each week just complete the content under the heading in the order it occurs, though it would be helpful to look at the meeting notes while listening to the meeting audio.


Week 1 – Why community groups?

Session 1 audio:

Session 1 Meeting Notes

Session 2 Pre-work Questions

Session 2 Pre-work reading: CG Leader Role Description

Session 2 Pre-work reading: “Why Study the Bible?” by Francis Chan and Mark Beauving


Week 2 – Know the Gospel: Why study scripture?

Session 2 audio:

Session 2 Meeting Notes

Session 3 Pre-work Questions

Session 3 Pre-work reading: “Not Just Bible Study” by Myron Crockett

Session 3 Pre-work reading: Discussion Skills


Week 3 – Know the Gospel: Bible study discussion

Session 3 Meeting Notes

Session 4 Pre-work Questions

Session 4 Pre-work reading: “Rhythms” by Brad House


Week 4 – Live the Gospel: Share our lives

Part 1

Part 2

Session 4 Meeting Notes

Session 5 Pre-work Questions

Session 5 Pre-work reading: “Conflict Provides Opportunities” by Ken Sande


Week 5 – Live the Gospel: Stewarding conflict

Session 5 Meeting Notes

Session 6 Pre-work Questions

Session 6 Pre-work reading: “Missional Church” by Tim Keller


Week 6 – Advance the Gospel: Group on mission

Session 6 Meeting Notes

No pre-work for session 7!


Week 7 – Advance the Gospel: Multiplying + final things

Session 7 Meeting Notes