Advent 2018: Advent Conspiracy

Advent 2018: Advent Conspiracy   Our Advent series starts December 2! In preparation for Advent, check out the video below for leader-specific details. For more details about the Advent Conspiracy, check out...

TG&R Part 2: Audio

Audio from Part 2 with Leonce Crump, Jr. Audio from a Q&A with Leonce and Michael Darbouze, pastor of Vintage Church Durham

TG&R: Next Steps for CGs

TG&R: Next Steps for CGs Last week pastor Leonce Crump, Jr. spoke at our Conversation on the Gospel and Race about how Vintage, as a predominately white church, can be a more diverse church, support minorities in the public sphere, and erode the effects of racism in...

TG&R: Book Recommendations

Following our time with Leonce, maybe you’ve asked yourself, “What do I do now? How do I learn more?” There are quite literally thousands of podcasts, books, news articles, TED talks, and blog posts on the topic of…

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