December 31 – Stand-alone Week


This week is another stand-alone sermon, a one-off week between Advent and our first sermon series of 2024, and for those groups that are meeting this week we’re going to do another Universal Discussion guide like we did the week before Advent. Below you’ll find the different scriptures for each location and, below that, our bare-bones Universal Discussion Guide that you could use for any of them.

As a reminder, this universal guide is based on something called the Swedish Method, a set of simple, open-ended questions developed for use with any passage in the Bible, for group discussion or in personal devotions. With New Year’s resolutions around the corner, plenty of folks in your groups will be thinking about trying to study the Bible more regularly. However, one thing I hear often from folks wanting to get into the scriptures is, “I just don’t know where to start.” Often people are daunted by all the options at their disposal, but with this method they can take a passage and maybe pen and paper and give it a try. Also, to reiterate, if folks are stuck at “but which passage do I pick?”, reading through the Gospel of John is a great place to start. If they’ve read a Gospel recently, try Acts, Ruth, or James.

In CG this week, if y’all did the Universal Guide back on the week of November 26, I’d encourage you not to stress about asking the same exact questions. Consider this another practice round, another opportunity to learn Bible study habits together. Also, if you head back to the November 26 guide you’ll find further ideas and links to help your folks as they continue to grow in their Bible reading.

Passages for each location

  • Downtown – Psalm 19:7-14
  • West – 1 Samuel 17

Universal Discussion Guide

• Could someone read [insert Sunday’s text] for us?

• What stood out to you from the passage?

• What questions did it raise for you?

• What can this passage tell us about God?

• How can this passage help you see your need for God?

• How do you think this passage is meant to affect your life?