Kids in CG Workshop Audio

by | Nov 20, 2019 | Kids

This post is part of a series from our Kids in CG workshop, which was all about helping families thrive in community group. You can find other posts and audio from that workshop by clicking here.

Part 1: How to welcome families 

In part 1 I give an overview of how to approach welcoming families into your community group. As I explain, this starts with making three commitments to your group:

1. Commit to bear one another’s burdens
2. Commit to substance over form
3. Commit to community

Part 2: Family Logistics 

In part 2 Kayla Pleasants, our Family Director at Vintage Church Downtown, covers our vision for discipleship for children and how to approach the logistics of having kids in your community group. In it she references content from How to Make Your Community Group Kid Friendly and Ideas for Childcare.

Part 3: Q&A 

In part 3 we hear questions from CG Leaders about the transition from having zero kids to implementing childcare, what to do when someone says they’re in a “different lifestage” than the rest of group, what to do when you have way too many kids in group, and more.