About CG Kids


This year we’re rolling out a new collaboration between Vintage Kids and community groups by providing Kids curriculum for your gatherings that’s concurrent with your sermon-based discussion. Just like the adults in group hear the sermon on Sunday and then discuss it during the week, now the kids in your group will hear a lesson on Sunday and continue learning from that same lesson at your weekly gatherings. Better still, adults and kids will be learning from the same passage each week, providing easy opportunities for families to continue the discussion in their homes and throughout the week.  


Our Objectives for CG Kids

1. To create opportunities for kids to follow Jesus and be shaped by his word.

2. To make learning about scripture fun and engaging.

3. To teach kids how to interact with the Bible on their own.

4. To create and cultivate community for kids.

5. To help kids see the family of faith in action.


The Curriculum

We’ll be utilizing curriculum from Sunday lessons, which is written in parallel with our sermon series. Each week’s curriculum has a set of features, including time for music, a memory verse, the lesson, an activity, the Missional Moment, and more. In CGs we’ll be incorporating the content from the lesson, in effect the story that we’re working through straight out of the passage, and the memory verse that kids are learning on Sunday. Keep in mind that the method you use to incorporate these things will be different for different ages, so you have the freedom and flexibility to tailor it to the specific group of kids within your CG. Plus we have different curriculum for toddlers, pre-K, and elementary students, all targeted at those specific developmental stages, that you can use in whatever way fits the needs of your group best. Below is a rough sketch on how to structure your time with kids:

Schedule Template

• Start

• Start off with a game, a song, or by practicing the series memory verse

• Story

• Read the story for that week

• Discuss or do a related activity

• Young kids – color that week’s coloring sheet or do another activity

• Older kids – discuss the story with Kids discussion questions

• Pray – you can pray with everyone or split the kids into groups to pray together

• Enjoy free time!


You can find the memory verse and story content for all three age groups on each week’s discussion guide, along with that week’s coloring page. Again, this is meant to be applied flexibly in your group and tailored to the kids in your group. Find a rhythm that works for you, and feel free to try things out!