May 2019 Discipleship Coaching

Apr 24, 2019


Throughout the month of May we’re providing opportunities for folks at Vintage Downtown to take the next step in their personal discipleship. Our hope is to identify and challenge one another towards growth in one specific area of knowing, living, and advancing the gospel. We’ll do this by pairing folks at Vintage with a discipleship coach to walk through a 15-minute, in-person discipleship conversation.

So that’s where you come in! Which, before we get too much further, thank you so much for participating in our discipleship process. Our greatest hope is that people at Vintage would thrive in their relationship with Jesus, and your efforts in helping others thrive is, quite literally, of eternal significance. So, truly, thank you!

To prepare you for these coaching conversations we’ve put together a three part training process to move you from the spiritual motivations behind discipleship at Vintage, to practical logistics for our May discipleship initiative, to feeling comfortable having a coaching conversation. Think of this in order as the why, the what, and the how.

Below you’ll see details for those three steps: 1. Why discipleship coaching?, 2. Getting to the meeting, and 3. the April 28 in-person training. Simply watch the videos for part 1 and 2, then attend the in-person training (and come with questions ready).

1. Why discipleship coaching?

In this video Ted walks through the fundamentals of knowing the Gospel, living the Gospel, and advancing the Gospel, and how we hope to encourage one another’s discipleship in those three categories. In thinking ahead towards your coaching conversations, maybe you’re wondering what role a one-time, 15-minute meeting has in discipleship. Ted will cover our commonly-held beliefs about discipleship and where your coaching meeting fits in.

2. Getting to the meeting

Wondering how exactly you’ll end up at one of these discipleship meetings? In this video Eric will cover the process for that, along with the discipleship form that people will be filling out. You can find that form at, in a banner at the top of the page.

Also in this video Eric mentions signing up for coaching shifts in the month of May. Click the button below to go to the Google Spreadsheet to sign up for one of these shifts.

3. April 28 in-person training

For the final step in our coaching training we’ll have an in-person meeting to walk through how exactly to have a coaching conversation. There are two timeslots for this coaching training on April 28th: 10:30am and 6:30pm. Pick whichever one works best for you! Both will be held in the upstairs offices; you can find the meeting location by going up the stairs by Kids Check In and following the signs. You can click the buttons below to let Ted know which one you’ll be attending.

If you can’t make it to either time, just email Ted at to set up a 1-on-1 meeting with him to go over the material from the training.