Week 5 – Ruth



I don’t think I can summarize the book of Ruth any better than the Bible Project video included here; just go watch it.

Towards the end of the video, the narrator points out one of the unusual aspects of Ruth: God is hardly mentioned in the entire book. Sure, characters like Boaz and Ruth talk about God, but the book’s author never once mentions God actively doing anything. In Ruth God is a background character, participating through things that seem either coincidental or inevitable. That helps us understand today how God can be intimately at work in the lives of his people even when it isn’t terribly evident. Also, we see in Ruth something God has done multiple times in our sermon series, taking someone who initially doesn’t know or worship him and bringing that person into his family. Ruth’s story is both an example of redemption and an ancestral building block of Jesus’ work of redemption, considering Ruth became the great-grandmother of David, the forefather of Jesus.

The Bible Project: Ruth

Questions for Discussion

• Let’s look at Ruth 1:1-18

• Could someone summarize the whole story of Ruth for us?

• What could Ruth’s story tell us about suffering?

• Could someone read Ruth 2:3?

• How do we see God at work in the story of Ruth?

• Could someone read Ruth 4:13-16?

• What can we learn from the way God ends up blessing Naomi?

• In what ways does Ruth’s story encourage you to trust the Lord?