Series Intro


Summer Series

This summer we’ll be studying 10 people from the Old Testament who met God and were changed forever. These people cover a massive spectrum of humanity, from destitute widows to disobedient prophets, from judges to prisoners, and span thousands of years. Over 10 weeks we’ll dive into each person’s story and study how God’s love moved them to faithful response.

  • June 3 – Abraham
  • June 10 – Joseph
  • June 17 – Rahab
  • June 24 – Deborah
  • July 1 – Ruth
  • July 8 – Jonah
  • July 15 – Isaiah
  • July 22 – Daniel
  • July 29 – Esther
  • August 5 – Nehemiah

Summer Study Guide

Along with our summer sermon series we have the Summer Study Guide, a daily devotional based on the 10 characters of our series. Each week features a deeper dive into each individual’s story and connects it with the rest of scripture as a means of meditating on the word of God. The guide should only take you about 15 minutes a day. Tons of people struggle with knowing how to read scripture consistently. If that’s true for you or anyone in your community groups, I’d encourage you to check out the study guide this summer.

Prepare for discussion

You have to appreciate the Old Testament’s backstory to really grapple with it. The same is true for the New Testament of course; the Bible is actually just one giant, interwoven story of God’s steadfast love. As we move through 10 Old Testament passages this summer, the backstory of those 10 different periods of time will be incredibly helpful for specifically understanding the passages and generally understanding God’s work in human history. As you prepare for discussion each week, reading the broader context of each passage will be helpful. You’ll see a number of resources included in this site to help you prepare, one of which is The Bible Project.

About The Bible Project

Each week you’ll see a relevant video included from The Bible Project. The Bible Project makes broad biblical narratives accessible through short, publicly available videos. Narrative summaries combined with visual story telling makes their videos compelling and incredibly helpful for studying scripture. Sometimes only a section of the video is relevant to the character we’ll be studying, but most times the whole video is helpful. Check out The Bible Project’s Youtube channel for other videos on books of the bible, biblical characters, word studies, and more.

The Bible Project: The Old Testament

Check out this video to get an overview of the Old Testament, which should help you understand the context of the 10 characters of our series.